Thursday, September 24, 2015

Treating a Car for Hail Damage

I am sure you did not miss the awful storm we had last week. Ughhh! During the storm the only thing I wished for, was that my house doesn’t lose electricity. Well my wish worked, I didn’t lose the electricity, but boy, do I know regret not wishing for something else. It turns out this storm came with a hell of a hail storm. And this damaged my car L. Both the hood and the roof of the car were covered in small dents where the hail grains had hit it. That one was a terrible morning. And to make things worse I hadn’t gotten my car insurance renewed this year – Murphy was doing his best!

I did think I was out of options, but I also knew that the little dents and dings need to be fixed. As money is tight, dealer services were out of the question so I simply went online to search for cheap fixes for hail damaged cars that can be done here in Phoenix area. I wanted to see also other person experiences, so I focused my searches on blogs. Well on I found this pretty cool car dent repair blog. This blog explains in detail about a technique called paintless dent removal. Apparently this fixes small and big dents, dings and of course my sour apple hail damages. As it turns out this technique only works in the cases when the paint of the car is not damaged, but since that was intact on my car I figured that this technique should work for me. 

This very educating blog ultimately lead me to a company in Phoenix -, actually offering the hail damage and other dent and ding removal services. The webpage of this company offers a very easy way to get an estimate for their services, and this was another major deal breaker the price they offered was mind blowing. It was more than half of what I thought I would need to spend, and saved me from trying to get an advance of my pay check. I gave the company a call right the next day, and arranged for a time they could take my car in. They offer also mobile paintless dent removal services, i.e., they offered to come at any location where I would like and fix the car right there, but with the weather being so unpredictable, we both agreed that taking the car to them was a better option. 

Well my car was fixed yesterday! 
The service took around 4 hours in total and as a nice touch the company has thought about having their clients entertained while their car is being restored. They have an “entertainment room” with a selection of movies to watch on a flat screen as well as a high speed internet, this all with little snacks and beverages available. While you wait for the car to be finished another option is a shopping mall located just a ten minute walk from the company’s garage. After the four hour wait while my car was treated with the paintless dent repair service the results are awesome! I definitely recommend the paintless dent removal and the company Dent Removal Phoenix to anyone needing to deal with a dent or a ding on their car in the Phoenix area.

This awesome experience with a local company gave me also an idea for another story-line to include in this Phoenician blog – posts about companies located in Phoenix and offering excellent services for a bargain price, often small companies that solely rely on word of mouth advertising, and this would be me advertising them to my audition as a thank you for the great services that I received from them.

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