About me

In this section of the blog learn about me and get to know the person behind this Phoenician Blog! :)

My name is Pamela Hauck, but friends me call Pam, and so should you! I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona in a family of four siblings. I had the pleasure of being the second youngest or the third oldest depending on the viewpoint, situation and what is more advantageous.

At heart I am real patriot of the city of Phoenix. A true Phoenician, if you will! I love everything about this town, with the weather and people topping the list. To share this appreciation of the city I call home, I decided to start writing this blog. I want to share pictures of the most beautiful spots that many don't know about. Little family-run cafes that serve the best pancakes and many other gems that I can come across exploring this city.

I hope this blog will benefit you - another Phoenician - when in search of something very extraordinary or something very specific in this city of ours!


P.S. If you wish to contact me about this blog or about Phoenix, please use the comment section of this page! Thanks!

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